Axis YoYos Pulsefire Impressions/Thoughts

I’ve been playing my Pulsefire for about a month now, maybe a little longer. I know not may do yoyo reviews anymore since everyone has their own tastes. I’ve posted a lot on here about how I’m currently playing my Pulsefire and such but thought I’d actually do kind of an impressions/mini review on it.

First off my interest in the Pulsefire came shortly after I bought a YYF Space Cowboy, began following this company on Instagram known as Axis Yoyos. Wanting a V-shape throw at around $100, I kept this yoyo under my radar.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later at my local yoyo club, I had obtained one after playing it. In the hand it felt solid, similarly to holding my Space Cowboy. After my first throw and trying not to mark it up yet as I was testing it out before buying it, I fell in love. It was easier to move around than the Cowboy and eventually my friend who had brought it along had made me an offer that I couldn’t pass up.

A month later I’m still constantly grabbing this throw and let’s look at why.

It has a very solid feeling in the hand and even on the throw but it doesn’t have that hard thunk one would expect with something solid feeling. It felt pretty nimble to move around and can feel that it is willing to accept some fast play. Afterall it is under 65 grams. It doesn’t feel like a lightweight or a heavyweight though but somewhere in between. I’m guessing it’s because it’s made of 7075 Aluminum with the SS rings.

The yoyo has a significant amount of power and will return to your hand with authority after a combo or in my case, slowly working through a trick and experimenting with different elements. It’s quite stable.

Should you get it? I honestly would recommend this to just about anyone really. It’s not floaty but it’s not a brick. It plays solid but it likes to move quick as well. I feel like you get the best of both worlds from this so if you’re one who likes a real solid throw or one who likes something quick, you’re in for a treat.

I know there will be a restock on YYE momentarily.

Until then, here’s a few pix if you haven’t looked at a Pulsefire yet.

I’m not a bi-metal guy, but the new crop of bi-metals like the Pulsefire, Weekend, and even the Nightmare, have been loosening the grip on my wallet. There were a couple times where I almost contributed to the Pulsefire crowdfunding campaign. I probably will get one of those three at some point, then pass it along pretty quickly like I usually do with bi-metals, telling the yoyo, “It’s not you, it’s me,” as I do so.

I hope yoyo reviews haven’t fallen out of favor. It’s all about personal preference and all that jazz, but researching potential purchases is a lot more informative when there are reviews to dive in to on it.

I agree. I think reviews/impressions should still be posted. I’m one of those who likes to read up on a yoyo to see what different people thought about it/how it felt to them. Seemed like years ago when I was on the forums here, reviews ran more rampant.


It does appear that lengthy write-ups on a yoyo are generally less common. I can usually find multiple reviews on a yoyo released in 2012 or 2013 for instance, but now, it seems, even the new release of a popular yoyo from a big company is by no means guaranteed a review.

My buddy, and former team member James hooked me up with one of these.
Although I am designing a bi-metal, I wasn’t into them much until as of late.
This thing feels real nice, and has no vibe.
James’s partner Tyler is good at CAD, and designing things properly to get the playing characteristics they are after.


Hats off to you, Ernie! Love the way you’re supporting James, Tyler and Axis. :slight_smile:

WRT to the review and first impressions, AG hit pretty much every note spot-on for me.

It has that delightful “light yet powerful and stable” quality to it, which is a fun feeling as well as facilitating fast play. And yet it has enough string presence that it’s easy to maintain control. Love this thing!

I agree. It’s very cool of you to be supportive Ernie! Still waiting on that Onedrop collab ;D. I thought the review was very good and accurate. I purchased the Pulsefire because I was curious about bimetal and had never tried one. Being a crowd sourced company I wasn’t expecting what I got. Axis did a great job on this one and it will stay in my collection.

I agree with what everyone else is noticing. This review is pretty spot on! I love my Pulsefire, it’s a permanent in my collection.

A General-Yo Bi-Metal?

… Why didn’t I think of that? ::slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get mine!