Crucial Team member Custom yoyo: The Pulsefire,0tiLQO9,6MfXY7i,hJnPvbX,vM7A00E


The Pulsefire came to me overnight as a project.  What if I could design a yoyo that was molded exactly for my hands, my playstyle?  I contacted Paul Yath, my sponsor, about ideas for the yoyos, and he told me to try making a prototype.  In collaboration with Landon Balk, my dream became a reality.

Pulsefire is designed to be a competition yoyo based around agile and concentrated play, focusing on sideways consistency and stability.  A step straight profile is used to maintain maximum stability in sideways play, to ensure that the yoyo will not give up.  Using only 7075 aluminium for maximum performance, a stainless steel, grooved, concave 10 ball bearing for extreme consistent spin, as well as Ryosuke Iwasawa’s IrPad for reliability on binds, and a stainless steel axle, this yoyo is designed for high competition string tricks. 


Diameter: 55.5mm
Mass: 63.53grams
Profile: Step straight
Body Material: 7075 Aluminium
Finish: Raw
Bearing type: 10 ball concave grooved
Bearing size:  C
Response:  IrPad Yoyorecreation size
Finish: Lightly blasted and anodized

Is this going to be a release by crucial?
Or is it just an independent yoyo?