Want magic yoyo k9 2014

Cash or trade. Retailers can’t sell these in the states because of paten issues, and I don’t feel like ordering one from china right now. I can’t even find a single YouTube video featuring this throw, so I doubt to many people have them yet.

Just curious, what patent issues? Hubstack tech is fully licensed from YoYoFactory by MagicYoYo - what other patents stop the K9 from being sold?

Actually I just learned this myself. I have had an ongoing dissuasion with Lars from BillyBobs and shadow from magic. All the retailers including BillyBobs were telling me they couldn’t sell them. But shadow just emailed Lars and confirmed that they do have a license now. So they can officially start selling them with hubstacks… The only other paten issue is the Kk bearing, which is fixed with an easy swap for a flat.

Please don’t not refer to other yoyo retailers here.

Sorry about that. You guys don’t carry Magic so I didn’t think it was a big deal. My bad tho I will remember for future reference.

So I just got a K9 and I had to immediately swap out the bearing (it was rusted) and I had to swap out the response pads because they were too thick (it was fully responsive). Hubstacks were completly worthless (they didn’t spin), so I removed them.

Having said that I don’t know if I just haven’t gotten used to it, but I feel like I don’t like it. Its always tilting and just feels weird to play with. I think you can relate because sometimes you just pick up a throw and its just nice to throw and how it feels, but this one doesn’t feel ‘good’ if that makes any sense.

So if you’re still interested I’m down to trade.