Want: Guitar Pedals. FS/FT: Valkyrie, Valor, Krown St, Glacier Express, FiReal..

Looking for any boutique or unique guitar effects pedals. Picky, but who knows, someone here might have something I’m after!

All prices include shipping. Cheap yoyos must be bought with another decent yoyo, or all together. Deals for multiples.

Pretty much all are mint or near mint and most have boxes. I can give specifics to anyone interested.

Row 1: YYR Valkyrie ($190), General Yo Amplitude ($60), One Drop Benchmark O ($40), Magic Yoyo K9 (free with anything over $150), RecRev Silly Goose (some dings, $35)

Row 2: G2 Aftershock ($75), CLYW Glacier Express ($95), YYF Too Hot ($30), One Drop Valor ($80), Yoyojoker Trancer with tons of accessories ($45)

Row 3: C3 Teleport ($30), YYF Northstar ($20), Japan Technology FiReal ($90), YYR 44Clash ($80), C3 Rose Gold Krown St ($180)

Pretty much any YYR (Also the bimetal Rebellion stuff)
Anything Sengoku (Except Nobunaga)
D-Bearing yoyos
Pocket yoyos (Minimumbet, Mighty Flea, etc.)
Code 1
Etc. etc. feel free to offer

Are you interested in a trade for a MIB Slasher or MIP Leviathan 5?

is the trancer still there?

Would you be interested in a CLYW Igloo for the Krown?