Walk the Dog is hard!


Walking the dog and getting to roll straight is actually really hard. I believe few do it really well. It’s easy to bail out of when you see it heading toward a chair leg or another person.

Whoever has truly mastered it with a perfectly straight roll that lasts longer than a couple of seconds should be honoured.

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #2

Me too, I try it and it roll again.

(⛷) #3

Tom Smothers! Check out a few of his performances with this trick.




Daaang, complete with claymation, and VCR references?!? Can it get more 80s? :joy:
He was a true performer, though
Side story, one time one of my ex girlfriends was laying on her stomach in the living room watching a movie on her laptop and I thought it would be cool to walk the dog up her back. Well, it ended up not being so cool lol. The dog walked, alright. Walked right up her back and into her hair… where I had to cut it out after it sucked up her hair haha. Funny now, but nobody was laughing at the time
Edit- to add even further, I should mention that this happened only a few months after I got a micro drone stuck in her hair. Can’t believe she broke up with me lol


OMG dating you is quite the adventure :rofl:


Old contests you had to walk it across a 3’ square. That was the Playmaxx contests.


Hey, try with rubber yoyo like my Henry’s Viper and I imagine the Cobra too… Viper is more like Run the Dog

(ChrisFrancz) #9

There doesn’t seem to be a current widely-seen Yo-Yo Man-type of celebrity seen by all ages in mass media. He or she could really kick start a new yoyo boom more than in-house celebrities.

(⛷) #10

I was totally going to do this but……….I just couldn’t suffer suspenders!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: