Wait, what?!

So I put up a BST thread looking for a pair of Raider [or Raider EXs] or even Shaqler Loop900s and this guy shot me an offer for his raider pair for 35 shipped. Wait, what? I checked retail and a pair cost $30. What is this guy doing? I’m really curious because what could’ve been done to the yoyo that the value stayed, if not got a lot better?


Are they stock?

They were modded, I forgot to add that. :open_mouth:

I don’t know much about stuff related to B/S/T’s, but I think modding could add value.

Or not, depending on the guy’s skill.

This is just the guy’s offer. It has nothing to do with the actual value. There is no actual value on used items. If anything, it’s high because he hopes you’ll pay it.

Modding rarely adds significant value in the used market. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, you can pretty much always consider money you spent on modifications as an unrecoverable investment, from cars down to yoyos.

Modding raiders correctly is very risky and needs to be done very carefully and exact, or you could find yourself with some broken yoyos.

35 for a pair of modded raiders is actually very reasonable, and the price which most you will see being sold at. Except anywhere from 30-40 to be the standard.

The price is actually very fair.


I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for all your replies :]
If I do follow through with the deal, is there some kind of guide that will help me through owning my very first set of loopers? Like…what if I have to lube the bearings…do I have to crank the loopers again [and maybe risk wasting my $35 for potentially breaking it]? Or is cranking a one time thing and it’ll be good?

Anyway, I shouldn’t be asking for this yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

But then, I still want a pair of Raiders [or EX] to learn on. Or maybe even another pair of Shaqler 900s

I got a pair of Raider EX’s set up for competition by Jayyo. Amazing, and were crazy cheap. Jayyo’s a good guy. I don’t care what anyone else says.

Back to the topic:
Save money and stop a second:
A pair of Unleashed is gonna cost you around $45 once shipped. NEW.

That’s what I did.

So you’re the guy who bought the Raider EXs that I saw at Jay’s BST. Maaan, you beat me to it. If you wanna get rid of it, hit me up ;). Just don’t flip me :smiley:
Hmm, not really interested in Unleashed though… But I’ll take your advice, Chris. :]