modded fireballs/raiders by tyler hsieh

I am restarting my service for fireballs and raiders
I load your yoyo with hand made delrin spacers adjusted per yoyo
(4 dollar value)
as well as a similar but not the same version of the new axle (I actually had these before they released them online, I believe theirs is 18.1mm, mine is shorter, but the original axle length is 18.5) (5 dollar value)
finally, I make any adjustment to the yoyos as needed in terms of cranking
I charge 10 dollars for raiders
I charge 15 dollars for fireballs (extra 5 dollars for bearings)
I will also lube the bearing to standard, and test the yoyo myself to ensure it is up to my standards.
I am also selling sets of raiders together for 30 dollars with this mod performed.

I am the California 2a champion.  I used this mod to win the contest back in March 2015.