Waffling on Yo-yo buy...

I am getting a Dark Magic with Thick Oil to get myself a responsive Yo-yo.

Now I know I am not ready for an unresponsive, but I am going to get one for future use and to kind of get a feel for it.

So I am waffling between the HSpin Gorylla and the YYF Genesis.

I know much is left to the spinner’s preference.
But from the experinces of the pros here, which would you suggest is the best buy between the two?

The Dark magic can be made to be unresponsive quite easily when you are ready for unresponsive play.

True, but I want an all metal.
I have GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrom) anywho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha GAS.

Both of those choices are great. It’s really up to you like you said.

The Genesis is a better quality yoyo than the Gorrylla.

Agreed, I’ve tried both and I think that the Genesis plays a little better. ;D

Just dive into unresponsive play. Bind returns are your top priority.

Or play responsive and not worry about learning binding, with the ability to learn binds if you want.