Vote: Would you buy a OneDrop side-effect that was also a Kendama?

I also proposed an apache helicopter, but it was shot down (badump, ching). I don’t own a kendama yet, but I do own most of the side effects… two birds with one stone and all that. And just imagine a OneDrop yo-yo with two Kendama side effects.

I would just… Yes. Just yes.

What do you mean by “Kendama Se’s”? Like how would that work?

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Imagine a kendama. Now imagine that it grows a tumor with an o-ring around it that happens to fit into yo-yos.

If you put them on bearings like hubstacks you could make them balanced so they would stay upright while the yoyo was spinning. Imagine, Eli Hop + double spike

Exactly what I was thinking!

We discuss a lot of things at the shop on a daily basis.

I want to crush your dreams.

I hardly see how this could be doable.
It looks soooo uncomfortable.
How would that be possible without adding too much weight to a yoyo? what about the balance? It would probably cause a wobble measurable on the Richter scale!

I like it!

Wait… what did I just read?

The yoyo would weight like 100+ grams at the least, surely. Not to mention look like some mutant monstrosity out of the movie “The Fly”.

No. Just… no.

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This is true! Not to mention the vibe