Vosun zebra

I’ve had my eye on a vosun zebra for a minute now, looks like a bit of fun. Is it good and are there any other cheap good playing fun organic yoyos I should know about?

The Zebra is a nice little trinket for the price. You probably won’t be using it in a competition, but it’s no dud. Undersized enjoyable little yoyo.

Regarding other inexpensive organics, there are quite a few available for purchase on YYE.

Recess First Base
YoYoJam Surge, on sale for only $9.99. This is a little bit of a frustrating yoyo because it’s quite heavy and has a smaller gap width than many other unresponsive yoyos. It’s also very stable, grinds pretty well and I already mentioned it’s on sale.
sOMEThING Premiere, probably my favorite plastic of the last couple years. Only a few left in stock here at YYE.

If you want a metal I remember the YoYofficer Crayon is also on sale. I must confess I haven’t played mine in some time, but it was my favorite YoYofficer release for quite a while.

The surge is a great yoyo! It’s one of my favorite plastics! I love the weight and gap width. I would like to see a metal with about that size gap. I like the play of a lot of thin strings, but I am unable to consistently get my binds to work with them on standard gapped yoyos. With the surge I can do them with ease :slight_smile: