Vosun Vortex V4 6061 Review


All content is 100% my personal opinion and don’t get angry if I say something bad about it

The V4 6061 ring series is a budget metal released by vosun and its the second version of the v4 that has a set of weight rings on the outside. on first look the yoyo looks like a copy of the Draupnir but note that the rings are actually just polished 6061 aluminium so they just have the bi-metal look. it also comes with a k.k. bearing that I don’t think is dif-e-yo. has a nice steep V-shape for speed.

Weight(g): 65.5
Width(mm) 43.6
Diameter (mm) 56
Gap Width (mm) 4.2
Bearing Size .25 x .50 x .18 in
Gap Type Fixed
Axle 10mm SUS304

on first throw it has a little tiny vibe and the yoyo makes a hollow sound when spinning. the bearing isn’t very loud and the pads, flowable silicon I think, is quite snappy though. but it is actually amazingly stable and has a reasonably long spin time. the inner surface is blasted but still not that smooth for grinds and stuff, finger-spin unfriendly too. awesome yoyo for its price, $30, and great for bringing it with you and throwing it anywhere. not really great for horizontal but I am not really good at horizontal yet so I don’t really have a say. well overall it plays smooth but has a really budget feel to it, as it costs 30 dollar.

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