Volume and Accent


I know the main difference between the two is material, but what are the advantages or disadvantages of each?


I think the Volume is a bit heftier, but I do not know.

The Accent is certainly prettier! And it plays amazing!

Here’s a review I did a while ago, so nice!


Whats your current opinion of it?



It is so good. Literally one of the smoothest yoyos I own, definitely the prettiest, plays so unique and nice. It doesn’t feel like a brick, It flows and flies, yet is pretty stable and long-spinning.
Whats your current opinion of it?


Thanks, I’m getting one of them for christmas for sure but now I think I’m gonna get an Accent dyed red and green.


Anyone else care to shed some light on this topic?




Someone post something, I can’t decide.


The Volume is a gram heavier than the Accent.

Haven’t tried the Accent, but I did like the Volume. Though I’ve never cared for delrin.

I’d suggest the Accent. Looks way cooler :stuck_out_tongue: