Accent by 3YO3

My first review here on YYE :slight_smile:

I ordered the Clear-Polished finish.

Accent Specs:
Diameter: 53.3mm
Width: 43.1mm
Weight: 66g
Bearing Size: C
Gap Width: 4.02mm
*Response: General-Yo Thin Hat pads

*Landon at 3YO3 is awesome and honors requests to changes to response, bearing, etc. I asked him to give me a 19mm OD 1mm deep response groove to accept silicone or standard slim pads.

Yoyo Background:
(the following was paraphrased from the accent’s page, linked to above)
Landon describes it as his favorite acryllic, being a hybrid of other 3YO3 throws, the Capella and the Omnicron, and sharing the shape with the Volume.

How it compares to other Yoyos:
In terms of the “feel” in the pal of your hand, it is very much like the Adegle PSG where the catch area is very deep and accepts your throw finger nicely. It has what appears to be the exact same width as the YYF Protostar/Northstar.

My thoughts on appearance and presentation:
WOW. When I opened the USPS flat rate box, I was almost gushing with amazement. It came in this sweet little circular tin, packaged with vibrant green-yellow string and a hand signed note with the specs. In my opinion, this is probably the best way to package a yoyo.
The yoyo itself is a very beautiful piece of art. The profile seems to accentuate the way light bounces through and out of it. When it is spinning, it doesn’t even look like it’s spinning. It’s like contact juggling where the featureless surface helps give an illusion of no rotation.

My thoughts on play and feel:
This is probably one of my smoother throws. It glides across strings, it floats between strings, it grinds well on a gloved hand**, and Rim grinds are a breeze with the deep and smooth cup.
**The Polished finish is not the best for bare handed grinds. If that’s your thing, order one of the bead blasted finishes :slight_smile:

Closing thoughts:
The Accent is a great yoyo and I highly recommend that you check out all of 3YO3’s throws. Landon does great work, is very friendly to talk to, and ships very quickly.

My Setup:
CBC CenterTrak bearing(Hope to switch to a OD 10 Ball once my sili job breaks in)
Clear RTV Silicone job(you could say I have a Sili Accent! :P)
Uncut pink slim Kitty String


More pics:

I’m gonna get one one of these days…