vocal chords RE-VAMPED!!!!

so latley i haven’t really been hard enough to get my string out here, so this thread with hope help out with me promoting my string

original- pure 100 poly that is soft on the hands

speed streak- has two types of polyester and is faster than original, hense the name “speed freak”.
while being a little rough at first, it is smooth and fast when broken in.

3 kujaribu- meaning “3rd try” in Swahili, I got this format PERFECT on the 3rd try. made of 4 different types of thread all with a purpose. one for added weight, one for whips, and slacks, one for softness, and one for durability. these strings are excellent at whips and are good for fast play. I would go as far to say, when these string are broken in, they are at least as soft as a fresh highlight (minus the 30 minutes of good play). due to the cost of materials, and the small amounts per unit, this string can only be purchased one string at a time. $1.50

another thing that might be interesting is how i create the color way.

when i yoyo, I pick a color that offers the best contrast to the ground/floor/carpet/whatever i am standing on.

for brighter carpets, i would suggest a darker blend like navy blue

but for say street pavement, i would use my “bubblegum” color way which is a bright pink and blue

I do still offer 100% white for people who want it but only for original and for slick, i only have red and yellow as type two poly, your can use both colors, or only one of the type two but type one i have a lot more so you have more choices

pics of current colorways up soon

so prices, a 6 pack is $3,

an 11 pack is $5

in slick and thick string count

so many of you may ask “why buy your string when i can get a 100 pack for $10?” well here’s why,
many people say that hand made string is better quality that YYE, or yoyonation string (AKA highlight) or any other factory made string because 1.) it can be made of special materials to give it better play and 2.) with atleast my string it can be made to stand out better for easier string hits, and the string can be wide or narrow for the type of yoyo being used. so that’s why, also factory made string is commonly know for lossing it’s luster much quicker than handmande string. so pm me if you ever want some vocal chords.

for samples, pick two of the kind you want to try, tell me thick or slick, and i’ll send some out to you

here is a link to the current color ways: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53527317@N02/sets/72157626912384225/

do you have any tension issues? i cannot tell you how many strings ive tryed that cant hold tension worth a darn

i’ve made a small adjustment in my string making proccess where I used a different winding device, i find that it helps the string hold more tension, and also makes it last longer.

also a quick update!!
i just finish a test batch where i actually dyed some strings. worked out great!! once i let them dry, i found that the string frayed less, and were a bit stiffer without losing softness on the hands

I may start making a run, but only when i find that i have enough string, they will also only be available in 100% polyester. i’m deciding if i should go multi-color but for right now, i sticking with pure solid in red and blue(more color on the way!!)

new colorways!!!

this is a very limited run of multi color string!!!

goes from blue, than fades into red:
better quality vid, =)