VKSS and CZPoint

VKSS and CZPoint


Taken of YoYoExpert:
YYF VK Slusny Stats:
Diameter:56.46 mm / 2.22 inches
Width:42.38 mm / 1.67 inches
Gap Width:5.09 mm / .2 inches
Weight:68.7 grams
Bearing Size:CBC Center Trac Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pad (Pink Pad)

When Released at YoYoExpert!:
18 Black
2 Pink
8 Gold
5 Aqua
14 Black no engraving.

The VKSS is the newest Bimetal from YoYoFactory. A 7075 body with hand-polished SS rings, this is a premium design that displays beauty. In the last year, YoYoFactory released the CZM8 and prototype, CZM84VK. I owned a Green CZM8 in the past, and it truly is one of the best throws in the “first metal category”. In addition, I have also owned a Orange/Blue Splash CZM84VK and was not disappointed. When the first pictures of the VKSS were displayed to public, I knew I had to pick one up.

I have tried a small variety of bimetals in the past, but the VKSS is one of a kind. The design of this is different from the other two bimetals YoYoFactory has made. The SS rings are placed near the IRG and not on the rim. Furthermore, the design of the VKSS seems to be more similar to the CZM84VK than the CZM8.
In the picture BELOW, you can see that the VKSS has a smaller gap than the CZPoint.

The VKSS can maneuver on the string at a relaxing pace. Although the original CZM8 weighs heavier, the VKSS feels lighter in the hand. When practicing or coming up with a new trick/combo there is no need to bind every 30 seconds. When I was coming up with a few new tricks, I was able to mess up and start up without binding. It really is addicting when you start playing with it. It is hard to find a light-feeling yoyo that spins strong and is extremely stable.

The rim is thinner than that of the Genesis SS or Space Cowboy. The finish of the VKSS is a polished finish. This makes it harder to do fingerspins compared to other throws.


Cons: As mentioned in the last sentence, the only problem I found with the VKSS was difficulty when doing fingerspins.

Pros: Light feeling. Long Spin. Unique.

Now moving on with the CZPoint!

Specs have not been released yet…

The CZPoint is a new design made with the influence of former YoYoFactory team member, Kentaro Kimura. Kentaro and Vashek were making the CZPoint while YoYoFactory was building the VKSSs. If you loved the CZM8 you WILL LOVE the CZPoint!

The CZPoint has rims that are larger than the VKSS. The gap is bigger and positioned in a steeper angle than the VKSS. It is bold, solid yoyo that is ideal for competing in 1A/3A/5A. The spin is solid and the design is similar to the CZM8. The finish is blasted, making it great for grinds. It really is a CZM8… on steroids. Nuff Said.

Which one should you get?

The VKSS is a premium 125 dollar throw. A polished finish draws attention on stage and the SS rings just look dazzling. If you liked the CZM84VK more than the CZM8 you really should consider getting this. It may be more pricey than the CZPoint, but it really is one of a kind. Did I mention, it is only one run!

The CZPoint is for someone who has a budget. It will most likely be 45 dollars, making it a suitable budget-friendly throw. The finish is blasted, leaving it looks CLEAN. This yoyo is more for someone who like the blasted finish. I forgot to mention, the CZPoint is amazing for fingerspins! It doesn’t have anything like an Elysian or HORIZON, but it is quite good for a flat IRG.


Whichever one you choose, you will not be DISAPPOINTED!

Comments and Questions are greatly appreciated. First Review. :wink:

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Great review since nobody other than YYF really knows anything about the CzechPoint.

Thanks! I’ve got a B grade Check Point on the way and am even more excited now!

The CZPoint sounds VERRRRRY nice. I own a CZM8 and if the new one spins longer, than I will love it! Can’t wait for them to send me a couple.

Great review!