Visually Impaired/Blind Yo-Yo Beginner, advice wanted please

I would try both 1a and 2a- while I think you could probably pick up looping much easier, 1a is probably fairly possible too, even if more difficult. Try each for awhile and see what feels best.

 Come on over, I am in Lynchburg, VA and would love some teaching. :) I was one of those folks that before this blindness issue happened no one knew I had a vision problem because I had learned to adapt to what I could and could not do. I am thinking that within time the same thing will happen with what I am seeing now. My wife is currently in college for psych and concealing as a career. :) She like it a lot. Now that this blindness issue happened so suddenly a few weeks a go I have started to become depressed. I do not need this, not now....not when I am trying to adapt to the blindness.....I do not need depression as well. To help me with the depression issue, I have great forums like this with folks who encourage me to grow, learn, and do not feel sorry for me nor try and limit what I can do. For this, I am very grateful The book I am listening to through (audiobooks for the blind) is called: Change Your Brain Change Your Life.

I am enjoying this so far and find it encouraging. Life does not stop because my eyes got worse and I am feeling a bit depressed. My wife needs a husband and my daughter needs a father. I feel that a yo yo and/or a spinning top will give me a hobby, a skill, and some fun which will also help me have fun while being blind and also will give me a “tool for my toolbox” in dealing with my down moments right now. :slight_smile:

pm’d you! :smiley: