Virginia State Yo-Yo Contest 2018


January 27, 2018 at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. gee_ is organizing again!

Information site:


Is there a schedule yet? I want to do the sport Ladder and want to know when to be there because I think it started pretty early last year.


I would just PM gee_ to make sure he gets the message.

On Saturday, if you see a tall guy doing a lot of shoot the moons on a homemade wood yo-yo, that’s probably me. I’d love to see anything you’ve made!

See you around.


Ok awesome thanks! I’ll look for you :). What is gee’s username?


His username is gee_

It’s under the list of members. See ya!


Cool. Found him and sent him an email. Thanks :). Yep see ya!


Va states was lit. Unfortunately I had to leave a little early so I didn’t get to see the results. Sooo, who won?


Andrew Bergen for 1A and Colin Beckford for Open. I had to leave early and missed the awards too!

Good to see you there!


Oh nice! Bergen is so talented. I love his style. Beckford too.

Yeah really nice to meet you too :+1:.