VA State Yo-Yo Contest 2019: Presented By YoYoExpert

(gee_) #1

Hello everyone! Terribly sorry for the late notice! Things have been very busy but we’re happy to announce the VA State Yo-Yo Contest is scheduled for Saturday February 9th, 2019 at the Science Museum of Virginia! hope to see you on Richmond! Presented by YoyoExpert!

For more info, please check back to our Facebook event page for more information!


Yeet! Who’s going? Haven’t thrown at all since last va states lol. Hoping this will get me back into it. Need some motivation :).


@Eric_Koloski will be there running the YoYoExpert booth!


Sweet! Always great to see him there :). Can you guys bring a markmont classic or two? And some axels?


Yep, we’ll have a couple Markmont Classics with us. What axle are you looking for?


Awesome thanks! Not sure exactly what size. It’s for a c3 speedaholic.


I’ll be there as long my car is fixed tomorrow! Good to see you there last year!