VA States 2017

(gee_) #1

Sorry to be so last minute with this but…

VA States is scheduled for January 14 2017 in Richmond VA. For more information check out our website at or find us on Facebook here

Huge shout out to YoyoExpert for presenting this contest!


Woohoo, my friend and I are driving down from Maryland! See you Saturday! I’m bringing wood, metal, and plastic!


I’ll be there! and I’ll have lots of stickers and prototypes!

Edit: since I’m going down the day of my mom said it there’s ice or snow she’s not driving down so I may not be able to go which sucks.

(2Sick Joey) #4

I’ll be there! Come say hi and try out any of the 2sick I have with me. Including prototypes :pray:t3:


Im coming!! I homeschool so my parents said I hade to graduate 8th grade b4 I went and I finally finished just in time so now I’m coming 5sure. Anybody have anything they are going to be trading or selling there? Pm if you are. I’m mostly looking for a mint clyw manatee and a mint banana hammock(can be slightly beat but as long as it’s smooth it’s cool). I have a gradient that is pretty beat but still plays great and a blue gauntlet that has dings but plays supah smooth that I’m willing to trade. Let me know of any offers though I’d be willing to trade and cash for some stuff or just buy. Lmk and we can meet up at the contest.

Edit: also really want wood yoyos. No jive, eh and other tmbrs.