Videos: Why no face to go with the body?

I love watching yoyo videos. Although, it makes me feel a little awkward when I see a body with no face. Is there a good reason for this, like wanting to remain anonymous, or shyness? I really want to understand this. I notice that even if I can get a quick flash of the thrower’s face, I feel a little better. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Well there could be many reasons

  1. the person is shy
  2. they want the video to be more focused on the yoyo
  3. by not showing the face, a person could zoom in more on the yoyo

Thanks, I do realize the focus is on the yoyo. However, I’m used to communicating with people face to face. And, I do see yoyo videos as communication. I care just as much about the person than I care about what he/she can do with a yoyo.

More focus on trick. As much as you may like face to face interaction, people don’t make videos to interact, they make it to showcase, and when showcasing tricks, having focus on the trick makes sense.

True, it’s not interactive communication. But, for me personally, I can’t focus on the tricks while I’m wondering what the person looks like.

Edit: I’m not trying to change the world for my own selfish reasons. I’m just throwing it out there to see what happens, so to speak. I haven’t seen any threads that discuss this subject, so I just want to bring it out into the light for those of us who don’t know and want to know. In my humble opinion, it’s ok if someone is shy or I understand if someone is ultra-protective of their identity. However, I’m just not so sure that putting so much focus on the trick is a really good reason to cut out the most important part of a person. Again, this is just my opinion.