video with environmental sounds.


Hey guys this is an idea i got just from making this video, which i made in the first place to give you a little punch line taste, and to show one of my tricks. Now don’t get me wrong music makes a video, but i wanna see some calmer videos, more peaceful sounds. throwing for me is very relaxing, so i wanna see more videos showcasing the relaxation and stress release of what we all love.



That was a great video and awesome concept. You are really smooth. I love the boingy boings. ;D


Thanks for taking the time to watch, yeah and the concept wasn’t really thought of till after, so maybe ill make a intentional video if people like it.


smooth as hell. esp. with the protrusions. VERY WELL DONE>

(Shisaki) #5

G-rated please?


tell that to the hat trick badass edition. :slight_smile:

(BaileyT) #7

Awsome vid, and the concept is a win, too :smiley:

(Shisaki) #8

Can we at least TRY to keep it clean?


shisaki, im sorry for any trouble i caused, but i don’t think its much of a problem to refer a yoyo, i mean kids would see it on the site before coming to the forums. Thanks to everyone who is diggin the video, please make your own calm videos, i want see them!! (really ill watch them over and over)

go throw a yo.

(Shisaki) #10

I’m not talking about the yoyo, I’m talking about the other words…some people might not consider them swear words but some do.


yes, very understandable.

(DOGS) #12

I loved the combo at 0:33. I thought it was funny that you changed your stance when doing it.




I hope you guys are working on these videos!!

If you cant come up with a idea, just go outside of your house or wherever and capture the natural sounds you get.

really wanna see them ;D

happy throwin