Video Tournament: Round One Viewing and Voting!

(J. Lev) #1

Allrighty. We’ve gotten nine entries into this little party, which unfortunately means that there has to be one group of three, sorry! =/

Group 1
Josh Yee -
Hobbygod - NOTE: Only watch the first throw in the video and judge from there.

Group 2
Kim-Lan -
YoKid5000 -
nyjaj23 -

Group 3
Contagon -
Dacklink -

Group 4
YoYoDisciple -
Shishaki417 -

Allright… here’s how it’s gonna work. You vote for one person (your favorite) from each group. That’s a total of four people to vote for. The voting ends Friday, 9 PM EST. The next video will be due one week from that date.

Again, there was no other way to handle the nine entries. I had sixteen people telling me they were interested, but only nine sent me a video. It’s a bummer, and a disadvantage, but it’s the only fair way, I’m very sorry. I thought about having a vote-off and not using the video with the lowest number of votes, but I thought that to be exclusionary and kinda mean. I’m very sorry to Kim-Lan, YoKid5000, and nyjaj23.

Anyway, Happy Voting!

Edit: Since I can’t figure out how to add a poll where you can select four options, just type the people you want to win. If you don’t want your vote public, send it to me in a private message. If you don’t want me seeing it, well, I don’t know =/

(YoYoBlaze) #2

Group 1:
Have to go with Josh

Group 2:

Group 3:
definitely dacklink

Group 4:

  1. Josh

  2. Kim-Lan

  3. Dacklink

  4. YoyoDisciple

(JonasK) #4



(jared) #6

(YoYoBlaze) #7

Josh, dacklink, and yoyodisciple seem to be the obvious choice for a lot of ppl :o
in group look like Kim lan and yokid are neck to neck :-\


dang josh yee you gotten so good


I want to join, I can make a video by tonight.

(Jesse) #10

Group 1: Josh Yee
Group 2: Kim-Lan
Group 3: Dacklink
Group 4: YoyoDisciple

  1. Josh

  2. Kim-Lan

  3. Contagon

  4. YoyoDisciple

(Shisaki) #12

4.Me :smiley:



3. not voting

  1. Josh!


  1. Dacklink!

  2. yoyodisciple!



(J. Lev) #17

Entries are closed, sorry bro.

Thanks for submitting votes, everyone!

(SR) #18

Can we still submit votes? If so-

  1. Josh Yee
  2. Kim-Lan
  3. Dacklink
  4. YoYoDisciple

(Eleazar) #19


1: jayyo