Final Round of (Semi) Large Video Tournament!

So, after a small delay, we have three of the four videos that should have been submitted. The due date was a number of weeks ago, so I’m scratching Kim-Lan out. (Sorry!) Now, its time to vote for one of the remaining three contestants!

Josh Yee:

Vincent DeZutti:


So, in your reply, let me know who you’re voting for! Voting closes on November 15! Good Luck!

Vincent DeZutti!

Loved his style, nicely done!

I’m gonna have to go with my 2yo friend, Vincent D. He has great control of his speediness. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Vince D Awesome style, loved everyone else though to!!!


So smooth, very innovative, great music, and he has crazy skills at dying Gung-Fu’s.

I agree, i vote vincent

Bassalope boy.


Who uses a bassalope???

Im Votin for Josh Yee

Josh! Awesome tricks!

Josh all the way

took you a while to post this up
now that I see this video again
I laugh on how I was yoyoing

Im going with Josh.
That one trick he did just flowed so smooth it was mindboggling.
Nice vids to Vincent and Dacklink loved em :wink:


Josh Yee!!!