Video for prelim practice

Fresh from China, now in Cedar Park, TX.
Also looking for players around the area, email:
I hope there’s still Texas State YOYO Contest but not >:(

I like your style! its quick and smooth.
Hope you can find some other yoyo players in your area! I imagine there were probably more yoyo players from where you were from originally.

Zhao Chen is growing rly fast in popularity

San Antonio Yoyoer right here. And I know what you mean it gets pretty lonely for yo-yoing down here…

Very nice. BTW, how is the Rapid?

That is what I hope my yoyo skills can be like in the future, loving your style

How do you do that thing at 0:46? It’s like a reverse Eli hop; really want to learn it

Its just… a reverse eli hop?

Great; however, I would suggest skipping from 0:04 to 0:14. Everything else is fantastic. How long have you been yoyoing?

its a very awesome throw, fast, stable, moderate weight with very long spin. Kind of like the stronger spin version of Turning Point Ax. One of the best throw I’ve ever used

Thanks, there were like around 20 yoyoers from the place I came from

Thanks for the advise. I’ve been yoyoing for like two years ;D