Video editing

Open shot video editor it is really handy you can even add music to it! plus If you know how to use GarageBand this will be super easy because the layout is really close to how GarageBand is setup.

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You monster :cry: i dont even like jelly…

Avid is standard in professional circles. That and cs6. You can’t go wrong with Adobe.

Imovie is amazing IF you know how to use it

I use mainly Final Cut Pro 10 for editing, and Logic Pro for sound. And then Motion 5 or After Effects for special effects stuff. I have the full master collection sooo… OH premiere pro is pretty nice. I still prefer final cut though.

I do everything in a very easy way with Inshot, I have also Luma Fusion but for Instagram is more than enough Inshot, I try to just record in the best way possible in terms of lights and frame myself and then I do just a bit of colour correction and add music

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I began using CapCut today for a modding video project. The free version appears to be quite robust, with no significant limitations compared to the professional version, particularly for the needs of yo-yo enthusiasts. Registration was quick and easy, taking only five minutes. I haven’t delved deeply into the app yet, but I’ll provide an update on my progress soon. Download CapCut Latest Version for this website.

Davinci Resolve is free and extremely good

there’s a paid version if you need 4k or 3d support

but for yoyo that would be silly

try it out