Video Editing?


I am very familiar with windows movie maker and know how to use it but I think it made my vids editing look choppy. Is their any other solutions (free) or more advanced secrets about it?

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I think the problem is that you’re using windows movie maker




Im not sure if its free or not but camtasia studio is a great editing software.


The problem here is that you’re not giving WMM not enough credit.

WMM is the best editing software for those who don’t want anything special and just want to piece videos together with credits and everything. If you want something more advance: maybe check this out:


Bump up your bit rate a bit and you should be fine.

I personally use Sony Vegas Pro and am upgrading to 11 in a couple of weeks.

Is your source choppy? What’s your computer specs and OS?

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I love Vegas 11


You can make half decent videos with Window’s MovieMaker. 'Tis what I use. You just need a little patience with it. :smiley:

Try fading in/out to black in the effects menu on movie maker. Just right click your clip, and then click on fade in and the fade out. Makes your clips a little less choppy. You can also cut your clips as well.

If you right click a clip, and click on effects, you’ll see a whole a list of special effects. Try messing around with them. Also, when you upload your video to youtube, they have a video editor that allows you to add some other effects as well and fix your contrast, saturation, lighting, etc.