Video Contest to win a free King Yo Star Prober

Head to our facebook page to enter.  We are giving away a brand new Prober.

Here are the rules

  1. You have to ‘like’ King Yo Star, and “share” this post somewhere.
  2. You will make a video no more than 40 seconds long. It has to start with the image attached. Please don’t use another company’s logo in the video. (yo-yo doesn’t matter)
  3. You must include at least one element from one of the tricks in the tutorials on the KYS page. Identify which trick, and give me a time stamp for the element (I used the trick “like butter”, the element is at 0.10 seconds).
  4. Make me smile. Yo-yoing is about fun, so show me you having fun.

Deadline is November 10th