FREE YOYO! King Yo Star is giving away a free Prober. More inside!


King Yo Star is holding contest to give away a FREE prober. The Prober is an incredibly stable and long spinning yoyo designed by China’s national 5a champion Kai Zhang.

How can you win this yoyo?

STEP 1) Like and share us on Facebook!

STEP 2) Learn one of these elements

STEP 3) Shoot a short video of yourself doing the element that you learned! You can do whatever you want, just throw in the element and throw the name and time into the description of the video.

The video doesn’t have to be fancy! the video that we find the most fun will win. You don’t have to be a great yoyoer!

STEP 4) Download this image

STEP 5) Upload the video to a popular video hosting site (Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and email it to us at

Aaand that’s it!


1st place) A KYS Prober AND 30 hand crafted strings by myself (Jake Elliott) which I use to compete.

2nd place) 30 hand crafted strings

Other information:

Contest ends Nov 10th

You can either post here about any questions you have or email us at

You can enter more than once!

Creeping closer to the deadline, who is working on a video? Its a short list so far, so your chances are good.

Are these the homemade strings I tested?