A 15 seconds yoyo video contest!!


Hi everyone, here’s Yu from Werrd.

I want to tell you that there is a 15 seconds yoyo video contest you can join!!

This contest is supported by non-yoyo company Furvy’s. (Furvy’s is a puzzle shop.) The prize is good. See below.

I hope you join the contest! Thank you!

The rule is as follows.

Upload any yoyo related video in Instagram (15 seconds or less). (NOT a photo)

In the caption, please write "This is an entry for the furvys.com yoyo video contest. #furvyspuzzleyoyocontest ".

The instagram must be connected with your facebook account.
Follow Furvys on Instagram http://instagram.com/furvys and like the Furvy’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Furvys.
(The winner will be contacted via Facebook message.)

The contest starts right now and will end on July 28th 2013.
The winner will be announce in the Furvy’s facebook page in the mid August.

The criteria are “originality”, “the use of 15 seconds”, “fun to watch”.

The prize varies depending the number of hashtag #furvyspuzzleyoyocontest on 7/28/2013 as follows.

The number of the hashtag
less than 31 ----- Duncan Freehand Zero
31~100 ------ YoYoJam Equiinox
101~200 ---- YoYoFactory Monster
201~500 ---- C3 yoyo design Trident
501~1000 ---- CLYW Canvas (Lost in the Arctic)
over 1000 ---- ALL yoyos above

(For example, the number of the hashtag is 333, then the prize is Trident. Equiinox and Monster are not included.)

You can post videos up to 12 . (15 seconds times 12= 3 min. You can do a freestyle.)

However, please don’t abuse the hashtag. If we find the cheating, then he or she will be disqualified and the hashtags will not be counted.


If you have any question, let me know!


Here is the first entry to the video contest.

(kclejeune) #4

And if we don’t have facebook?


If you don’t have a facebook account, then please make it.

Or, tell your parents or friends that you want to join the contest and post your video via their account. But please make sure that if you win the contest, I will send a message to the facebook account associated to the video.

(kclejeune) #6

Yeah, I had facebook once. My email got sold and I had to totally make a new email. Twice. Not going there again… Bummer.


This. Its a shame that all the contests nowadays seem to just be about publicity, not about simply doing something fun for the community.

“Want a chance to win this? Add us, like us, share us with all your friends on facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus and only THEN will you be eligable.”

No thanks.


This contest is supported by a NON yoyo company and they provide us prizes. Give and take.


Uhm… My instagram on my Android won’t let me take videos (or I just dont know how) :-[… Do you think I would be able to send a video via facebook?

(kclejeune) #10

The update hasn’t come out for android… It will probably will soon.


What do you mean by abuse the hashtag? Do you mean u cant use the same hashtag? How many can you use a hashtag?


Also does everyone that enters get a prize or only a select few?


Dang…I’m a couple days late…I would have loved to submit a little something something…perhaps next time :slight_smile:


I hope you will join the next contest!!

(SR) #15

Accidental thank you.

Your lucky day.