Video Camera?

I’m looking to invest in a budget video camera to make yoyo vids with. I want this to be small and very easy to transport with. Would love it to fit in my pocket. Who has suggestions for me?

Do you have personal experience with that camera? I like the price tag on the used ones.

Try the Sony Bloggie
Just got one. It’s awesome.
It records in 1080p HD and can also take picures.
It’s thin enough and small enough to fit in your pocket easily.
You should definitely atleast look at it. :slight_smile:

I actually got that for Christmas, the auto focus adjusting during filming though and makes it look goofy.

I got the Live, which did you get

I got the Sony Bloggie Touch.

Does that one have the auto focus that continues to adjust when you are filming?

Uhh I Don’t know lol

Go pro hd hero 3 black ed. The end.

I’m trying to find something cheaper than the go pro 3

Can’t go wrong with a Flip for the price.

I’d check out the Canon Vixia line. I used to have the HF200, and it was superb. Tons of features, amazing quality, and now they’re pretty cheap. I bought mine for like $550 (a couple years ago) and recently just sold it for $200.

I feel that they would be a pain to work without an LCD bacpak. But I have one… laughs maniacally


I use this. Records in 1080p. Really portable, durable, takes great regular stills. An amazingly good point-and-shoot.


I use a kodak play sport and it is awesome! It shoots in several HDs as well as can take pictures! Or you could do a flip video camera it’s battery operated but it is great simple to use. Now if your lucky like me you can find on at a second hand store for a cheaper price.