Video battle: Alex Fairhurst vs. Keegan Orr

Just your average friendly video battle. Feedback is great. So is voting.

Let us know what you think!



Both were great. But my vote goes to…Alex!

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keegan has my vote

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Oh my God, Alex that was insanely smooth. You got my vote!

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Alex got mine.

Now it’s tied!

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About 12 hours in and we’re tied up! Thanks for all the comments and votes everyone.

I knew it was gonna be close, but this is intense!

alex was impressively smooth, but i just liked Keegans tech a lot. both of you are gifted throwers.

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Alex definitely. No offense to Keegan, your video was quite impressive but Alex’s was just “wow!”.

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Going to have to go with keegan.


I gotta go with Keegan but just barely. Nice stuff, guys.

That was a tough one. Sorry Alex but I gotta vote for Keegan

Alex has my vote!

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You’re both really, really, good.

Had a hard time choosing @_@.

I ended up choosing based on who’s string color I liked better, you were so equal.


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Last day for voting.

Both were great but I have to vote keegan

Alex had the STYLZZZ, so I vote for Alex.

Well, voting is over. Thanks for all the votes everyone!

Also, I don’t think Keegan’s video got as many votes as it should have. His tech is really great and mine is terrible which is why I try to stick to slacky tricks. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, though.

All in all this was a lot of fun and I think it’s a good way to get my name out there. So if anyone wants to do a video battle just PM me and we can work something out.

Id like to see a rematch but with longer videos. Say, four minutes?