Vibe questions

Can a small ding and pinpricks cause vibe?
also 1 out of 5 throws for me has a visible vibe but disappears after doing some trick.
Is that still considered vibe?

If the vibe goes away after a trick it means the yoyo has straightened itself out and that the vibe was a result of your throw

If you use your fingernail to straighten the yoyo out and the vibe goes away it’s because of a sloppy throw. If it doesn’t go away it’s vibe

Minor damage can cause vibe but normally it’s not noticeable until there’s considerable damage.

Yes it can. Because it might unbalance the weight distribution in one of the halves. So normally the yoyo will be fine and it would still be smooth, but sometimes a really bad ding can make for vibe in your throws.

Ok thanx, my shutter is still smooth :slight_smile: