vibe problem with fg avalanche


I know that it has vibe but the vibe basically went from I exist to shaking every inch of the string
Alright currently I’m thinking about quitting the hobby entirely but before I up completely anybody know a reason why a fg avalanche would go from yoyo enhancement to string shaker? any advice? It started couple hours ago it was playing with my newly sil’ed ava then put it in my case then my friend played with it now it is making my string vibrate along with the yoyo.

(WildCat23) #2

Unscrew it, wiggle the axle around, and screw it back together tightly. Usually works for me.


I toctited and centered it still vibe not clyw vibe new horrible vibe


I would have recommended against using LocTite.

I’d suggest the following:
Swap the bearing and/or clean the bearing.

Seat the axle fully in one half or the other(try both) before screwing the yoyo together.

Check the axle.

Get the axle in the axle seat on one half, like maybe 1-2 threads worth, put the bearing on, then put the other half onto the axle and screw together.

You could have other issues. You siliconed it, you could have silicone where you don’t want it. Also, your friend could have banged it hard on a surface that might have done something, or otherwise did something you don’t know about. So, now you have a whole new set of issues to concern yourself over.

If you’re willing to quit over this, I would suggest you stop to reconsider things.


Your friend bashed it and bent the axle.


As noted, you may have a bent axle. Take the axle out and roll it on a flat surface. If one end flops it’s bent and needs to be replaced.