Anyone tried the Yoyojam Vexed? What did you think of it?
Just wondering. (I have it coming, I am just interested since it doesn’t have any mention in the forums at all)


It’s outdated.


Well I knew that… A freehand 1 is outdated, but that’s not what people say when asked why they spend 70 dollars on a 10 year old plastic yoyo. What I meant was, how is it regardless of whether its a companion killing spin machine? I don’t have any standards’ set for it, I was just curious if anyone likes or dislikes it.


FH’s have put their mark on yoyo history though. I’ve never tried one but the Vexed has never been widely talked about, even when it was first released. I think it’s safe to assume that there’s nothing particularly special about it. Although I haven’t tried the Vexed specifically, I have tried a number of YYJ’s other plastic/metal hybrids and none of them seemed that special, fun, or a great performer to me. I know someone out there is probably going to respond to this and disagree with me but it’s undeniable that most of YYJ’s plastic/metal hybrids have never gotten much attention. Especially now since there’s so many great yoyos on the market.


That is true, yoyojam slowly declined for a long time after the release of affordable metals like the 888, and with the exception of maybe the dark magic, most probably aren’t worth getting because of historical value. It’s a little sad to think of a company like this slowly declining as the market changed around it, but I think everyone should at least have one yoyojam, because they are representive of a change in modern yoyoing and the start of a populism that 100 dollar cold fusions lacked, even if they didn’t change with the times that they kick started.(the era of affordable performance)performance doesn’t matter as much if you think of it like that, and that is the real reason why I wanted a design that isn’t up to snuff when you only look at the product itself. It’s a weird reason to get a yoyo isn’t it😀


If I was going to have a YYJ for the nostalgia I would’ve gotten a Dark Magic. It was probably the most widely known and owned yoyo up until 3-4 years ago.


The DM II and the HM X, among others are fine players and can stand up to any of the new kids on the block, as can many other of their designs, such as the original HM. YYJ didn’t pander to the flavor of the day, but put out quality, good playing yoyos. Sure, they had some duds, all manufacturers do. Quite frankly, there are any number of legacy YYJ models that I prefer over any Duncan FH.


True, but I’m a cheapskate. Plus, the Vexed shape is modern, without the dm’s highwalls. Thirty dollars is nothing for such a complex design. This is what I like about the yoyo community, the range of diverse opinions. What I meant about yoyojam declining is not a decline in performance, but a decline in value as metals became affordable. They were fifty five dollars, and the
Metal yoyos were the same price, but had better performance. A protostar performs better then an 888 I think, so for a while yoyojams were still a great value, but once sub 60 dollar metals became widespread, there was much less of a reason to get a yoyojam. The few full metal yoyos they made were fantastic from what I heard though. The Vexed shape appeals to me a lot, and I haven’t a good yoyojam in my little collection, so there you go.