Very Rare yoyos, Majesty with wooden box, USA KLR, G2, CLYW and more

So here we go. As some of you know, I’m going to be deploying for a long time soon, and I’ve been slowly piecing out my non essential collection due to the fact that I just flat out won’t be able to use them. Now comes the hard stuff, the last of it that I think I can part with. Some of these are STUPIDLY rare. No trades, unless its a color swap on the AL7 Triton. Theres a few cheaper ones mixed in here, but for the most part, This is cream of the crop.
-SOLD General Yo First run 7075 Majesty with Hand turned Wooden Box, made by Ernie’s Father. This is the hardest for me to sell. only 14 boxes were made for these, and they were all different. Only about 10 unengraved went out. I got this straight from Ernie, no engraving, still mint. I have NEVER seen one of the Majesties with the box for sale. Jump on this. Offer ( current high $200)

  • G2 AL7 Aftershock with Wooden puzzle box. Mint. $125
    -G2 AL7 Triton. The ultimate version of my favorite throw. SUPER hard to find. Only selling because I have 2. Will trade for blue version. has one feelable ding. Offer
    -General Yo USA KLR. My dream throw, took me AGES to track down one. Mint. Offer
    -G2 custom ano Quake. This has some definite Vibe, will let go pretty cheap.
    -CLYW/One Drop MISCHIEF Summit. My favorite colorway, just doesn’t make the cut. Mint. $105
    -YYF Shutter. Great throw, some marks $30
    -YYF Loop 1080s. Loopings fun,and these are great, just not enough time. $30 for the pair.

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