FS/FT : 7075 BA majesty, rare Aman KLR, cal states Summits, puffin....

Hey guys I’m only looking to sell unless its on my wants list. Thanks.

ADD 6$ for shipping.

Wants list
SPYY Dynamo(A grade)
Splash summits
Code 1
Code 2
Markmont next
Wooly Markmont
MODEL 10 - BA edition
Freq Wave
Spin dynamics Flow
Offer whatever but must be mint!


Super rare KLR- 180$ Mint (A grade ) box says it all also has Ernie’s signature

3 summits:
2 light blue cal states summits - 125$ each
1 bape production summit - 110$
All are mint.

7075 Majesty BA edition mint - highest offer is 145$
Prolly only gonna sell this, unless I get a trade for multiples of what I want. This is one often favorite gen yo throws which is why I have the red/grey BA version as well this is the one that is more likely to go. Thanks

Bear vs Man 2 -mint and smooth 130$

Jack rabbit puffin - mint 145$

Turning Point Positron - mint 120$ copper/bronze color

Total artist Yoyo holster 20$ still new barely used

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FYI there were only 4 BBB Chiefs. They were on eBay.

Bump! Have 4 transactions/trades in process so ill have 4+ more feedback soon

Bump!! Who wants a AC for 100$?!?!?

Me! I sent you a PM, go check it!

Bst update!! Tons of new throws :slight_smile: lets make trades!!

Bushman is mint ?

Yes sir

You’re the clyw king man. :wink:

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How mush bushman ?

Thanks for the compliment but Im most deff prolly not the king lol

And the bushman is for trade only sir if you want to speak more about it just PM me don’t want to get in trouble for the thread being bumped up more then once.

Bump majesty added!!

Free bump I guess – I love how the KLR says “Would trade for a Majesty” and the Majesty says “would trade for a rare KLR”. :wink:

The two are not mutually exclusive, but the implied message of the Majesty listing is that you’re not really interested in it! I suspect the KLR one is an older part of the listing and you just didn’t get around to removing the “would trade for a Majesty” part!


1/9/12 bump

Do you still want my 7075 Catalyst?

Bump 5 throws added

How much for each bearing and could you tell the cost you might want?

hit me up please for an offer please reply

You cancelled all your ebay auctions even though they all had bids?

Try as I might, I cannot find these by searching “CLYW” on ebay. You might want to provide a link.