FS/FT: CLYW, OD, YYF. Want a Cliff!

Looking for a few random throws to flesh out the collection. PM me with any offers or questions you might have. The worst I can say is no thank you! :slight_smile:

P.S.- I like all-gold yoyos. If you have something in good condition that you think I might have interest in, please PM me and we will work something out!

Looking for:
CLYW Canvas (gold Jensen edition if possible)
CLYW Chief
C3 Electric Flash

Mugen kendama

Hey, dude! Haven’t BSTed in a bit, but I’m looking for a Summit and maybe that FG avalanche. Besides the things on your wants list, about how much money were you thinking of selling each for (that is, if you would even sell them)?


Interested in the Yelets.
Got nothing to trade, but let me know how much you willing to sell for.