Vertical arrow shot at a human target video .. ?? !!

(Shaneola) #1

Just something my friends and I did.

Stupid? Yes.

Worth it? Absolutely!


…you guys extremely anxious to meet your maker or what? :o

(Owen) #3

You cray cray



and i thought you quit!? welcome back!


This was an instant favorite. I miss you Goons. I need to come down to Maryland sometime soon!

(Shaneola) #6

Haha. Heck jah mon! We can do stuff like this…

(M.DeV1) #7

These are trained idiots kids, please do not attempt this at home.


yeah but if my archery teacher saw this she would hunt you down and well… lets just say you dont want to know ;D


Darwin’s theory at work here…




Thank goodness I have taken gun and bow safety and parents that wouldn’t allow something like that to happen!




Guy 1: Wanna do something fun?
Guy 2: sure.
Guy 1: good, cause’ I just got this new bow.

(YoYo_Freak) #14

That is just such a good idea…


Wow, good attempt at a “Darwin Award”!


Just a thought:

This actually violates YouTube’s acceptable usage terms, and as such, I would think that due to the excessive dangerous nature of this video, this thread should be deleted from YYE.

If it was my forum, I would have nuked it.

Then again, self-surgery is against YouTube’s policy and they leave that alone. Some other guy made a “fart step” parody and that was removed. YouTube is inconsistent.

(WildCat23) #17

Youtube isn’t gonna pay attention to some 100 view video…


I didn’t notice any danger. I did lol, though.


This is extremely stupid to do. I’ve seen people try this and hit a neighbors front porch as they were havoc a barbecue. Missed my neighbor by about a yard. Needless to say he was mad.

I’m all for shooting arrows at inanimate objects like hay bales, beer cans, tires, or the economy. The sky does not fall under the category.


If you wanna have some real fun get some throwing knives… :wink: