Velocity maintenance

Hi all. I’m new to yo-yos, and have a question about the Velocity. I’ve had it for about two months. I have it set to be completely unresponsive, but it is being as responsive as any other setting. I don’t know why this is happening. Can anyone who may have had a similar problem let me know how to fix this? New bearing? New response pads?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

I would clean the bearing and re lube it look up in the search section how to clean a bearing

Response pads wouldn’t address the issue. If you have the response all the way OUT, the yoyo should be dead unresponsive UNLESS the bearing needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Clean the bearing properly, then see what that does for you. That’s what my recommendation would be.

Thanks you two! I’ll be watching an instructional video and then cleaning the bearing.