various yoyo revews

on this fourm you will post a yoyo revew for every yoyo you can, I’ll start

The YoyoFactory F.A.S.T Speed Dial

Sleep time: Horrible(Max 20sec)
Response: Ajustable/great
String trick:Under horrible
Grind:NO WAY!!!
Raiting out of 10: 2
This yoyo is HORRIBLE hardly worth $50, no matter how hard you throw it, how mutch you lossen up the response, how mutch you losen up the bearing, you will ONLY get about 15 sec of sleep, and it does even worse in anything like a trapise. The only good factor about this yoyo is the ajustable response, but it’s not worth FIFTY DOLLARS, this yoyo stinks DON’T GET IT

umm dude they have a forum for that already.

I know that they do but you may not think that a yoyo is good and not look at it’s revew, then you could be scrolling through this and discover that the yoyo is perfict for you