Variant colors

Ok folks. I like my Whip. I have fun. Yay! But I want an unresponsive plastic yoyo for work and whatnot. So, I’ve decided to purchase a Variant. Go me. SO!

  • Blue
  • White

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Which shall it be?


definitely blue!


14 votes and 6 hours left! I’m excited to see which one I’ll be getting!!!

Get out there and vote, folks…

18 votes and 2 hours to go! What’s it going to be, guys?

20 votes down, and 20 minutes until the monumental occasion! Be a part of history, folks. Don’t be shy! Cast your vote now for a better tomorrow!

You can always dye white if you stop liking it :wink:

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A point I hadn’t considered.

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White it is, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for the help!