Red, White, Black, or Blue DM?

(Connor) #1

Im waiting for a return and was wondering which color i should ask for/try to get. Andre suggested calling them up so im going to do just that. Just to see my color options, what do you think i should ask for?


I bought a white one and it just looks average because i took off the caps…i’d say to definetly go with eather a black or red one


Blue looks killer

(Connor) #4

I called and they’re out of all colors except blue, so as you can figure out im getting a blue one!!!


You will not regret it!!!

(Connor) #6

I hope not, because i didnt really want blue :-\


Ya i just got myself a black one. its not in yet, but me and jacko are switching sides and its going to look pretty intense i think. SO maybe you should do the same with someone. have them get a DM and then swap sides it would look BA!!!

(Connor) #8

that sounds cool but im like the only yoyoer in my town :-[


[quote] that sounds cool but im like the only yoyoer in my town Embarrassed
Hey your not alone there. i used to be the only person who could yo in my school and probably my county. try to get your friends into doing it. teach them what André teaches us here. I bought my friend Ronnie a Duncan mosquito for his b day and that started it all. he now is on the intermediate tricks. later an remember keep it spinning.

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #10

When I started there was only one other person and I didn’t find out about him for a month. Since then I’ve got one other person into it. But, about the color, I got blue and it looks great, I think you’ll really like it.