Valor or Aftershock


So recently I’ve been satisfied with the yoyo’s I’ve tried and owned ,but i figured it’s time to try the last remaining yoyos that interest me. The thing is, I’m limiting myself to only one of them for now. So straight to the point, Valor or Aftershock?

If it helps, I loved both the Format C and the Quake, but liked the Format’s shape just a little better.


For me the Aftershock really does play just like a bigger, slower, more floaty version of the Quake. It’s wonderful, but if you like the shape of the Format:C than the Valor is much more what you’re probably looking for.


I have never tried the Quake or Aftershock so my just put that to mind, I love my Valor and it seems like who ever has played one really likes it too. It’s fast and “floaty” but is still very solid and has very well sleep times. The Valor has the 7075 metal so it’s more durable and personally 7075 plays better then 6061. The Valor and Format:C do not have the same feel although I like both of them I prefer the Valor. Plus it feels very nice in the hand.

(G2 Jake) #4

Both yoyos are at the top of what’s available right now.

What are you looking for, that might help us help you.

Aftershocks is more rounded and has a bead blasted surface for better grinds.

Valor is 7075 and comes in some great solid colors that look really classy.

(G2 Jake) #5

I should mention this - I really don’t think the AS plays like the Quake at all. Much more float, better stability do to the size and longer spin times.

Quake is a mid size power house. (Esp the AL7 version)


I agree with this, and I prefer the Aftershock

As far as the Valor being floaty, I think that has some float to it, but I think the Aftershock has a bit more. Neither, however, are “oh my gosh get back here” floaty that some people tend to favor (I do not). Both are capable of “contest performance” if that’s what you’re after, but it think the Aftershock has a bit more personality. I enjoy it very much, and more so than the 6061 Quake. The Valor will definitely blow through whatever you can throw at it, no doubt, and it almost has a little bit of that Japanese feel to it.