Using a yoyo to open a bottle?


Check this out! Go to 5:00


haha! I must rush out and try this on all of my CLYW’s!


it works really well with stack yoyos with the stacks off


And code 1s


Works on both a peak and a ti walker


i use my FG gnar2 all the time to open beers


Does it work with a mint peak?


I’ll need a draupnir for this


A prodigy would be good for this.


these guys are such fools, every time i watch GMM i crack the heck up XD, i couldnt do it! Kudos to those who can!

(Ian) #11

Early model extra tightened northstar would be perfect.

(H.J.Fras) #12

The yoyo the guy on the left is using looks like a duncan metal drifter


He is


a $500 yoyo that plays really well and that dings very easily would be good for this.