New throw

CLYW fools gold Sasquatch showed up. Wow. World of difference. Solid, looks awesome, perfect weight, comfortable in the hand. First throw I’ve ever purchAsed that was that significantly Different. Wow

My FG Sas was dead smooth and had no ano flaws. No idea why it was a b-grade.

My FG Squach is pretty vibey but plays great and looks killer. Anybody have any tip on getting the pick axes to line up again after I took it apart :confused:

Mine has 0 vibe, plays so nice I ordered another. Can’t beat it at the price

Picked up. Tom Kuhn No Jive 3 & 1 Batik. Got it for $45 on eBay. What do you guys think of the price?

Thanks and hey Steve! Saw you many years ago.

I don’t think the pick axes are designed to be like the arrows on the Yyf plastics. That’s how CLYW makes their FG yoyos. Maybe try flipping the bearing over and/or axle.

All 3 of my FG CLYWs are pretty smooth. Might jump on that FG Scout.

Try different bearings. i swapped out mine with some other ones and some made it worse and some made it better. try taking the axle out and swap it around also. Once you get em lined back up dont open it again unless you HAVE to haha!

Mine always re align after I take my orca apart and put it back together… Luck I guess…

I figured it out. Ended up with a different bearing in it. it has smoothed out a bunch and the pick axes are lined up.

Grats on the Sasquatch!

Are the pick axes only on FGs?

I would assume so, but can’t confirm as I only have FG clyw

Yep. That is how you ll always know if its a FG or not The older ones had it engraved real big on the cup, now its small on the rim. :slight_smile:

That’s so cool!