JT Nickel Summit Test

Quick video testing out the Summit by One Drop and CLYW! Yoyos too dope .


do you know what the price is gunna be?

So gooood!! Can’t wait till it releases!

No word on price yet jordandarkmagicII I guess we’ll see how much they are at Cal States. and Thanks kulazndoode! Glad you enjoyed it

That was awesome. You’re definitely one of my favorite players.

@yoyokid8 that means so much to me you have no idea thank you :slight_smile:

I just wanna say you pretty much lucked out because you got on OneDrop right when they made a collab with CLYW.

haha i suppose so their decision to sponsor me when they did not mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratz on the sponsorship again lol and the video was dope

Thanks Yomagic!

Nemyo, Im surprised your not sponsored yet bro, but good stuff JT. I missed the last collaboration, which is a shame because the marmot was one of my fav throws. So Im looking to get this one if I can :smiley: OneDrop’s smooth grinding and classic V shaped gap, matched with CLYW’s stable inner weight rings. it looks like a grinder :smiley: I love grinders :smiley:

I have to say its the best yoyo I’ve played to date you will not be dissapointed :slight_smile:


this is good to hear, but it looks like I will be missing this one as well :/.

Great song to yo-yo to! What is it?