Uracsus by Japan Technology! - Stainless Steel Powerhouse! - Signature of Kohei Nishimura!


Introducing the Uracsus, an exceptional stainless steel yo-yo that defies convention. Weighing in at 70g, it surpasses the standard/average 64g weight of typical yo-yos.

Stainless-Steel-Uracsus Stainless-Steel-Uracsus-3 Stainless-Steel-Uracsus-2

Despite its heft, the Uracsus presents a unique advantage. It possesses an enigmatic “sense of acceleration” absent in lighter counterparts. With a certain exertion of force, this yo-yo seems to glide autonomously, offering an intriguing characteristic not to be overlooked.

While mastering its handling may demand some finesse, there’s a joy in surrendering control to its autonomous motion when desired. A strong powerful yo-yo that takes your longest tricks and combos to a new level.


Anyone played one?

It’s a cool steel but it had a little too much center weight for me. Very different from most other steel throws. It was probably the smoothest steel throw I’ve tried as well. It definitely has the same feeling as my other JT throws so if you’re a fan you’ll probably like this one.