JUGEMU by Japan Technology!


The Jugemu is a remarkable monometal yo-yo model developed by Japan Technology, aiming to redefine the perception of heavyweight yo-yos in terms of usability. Despite weighing 66.8g, the Jugemu surprises users with its effortless handling, making it stand out among other heavy monometal yo-yos available in the market.

While the weight may seem daunting, the Jugemu’s design ensures exceptional responsiveness and stability. The yo-yo’s weight is skillfully transmitted to the player through the string, providing a sense of control and reliability during both daily practice sessions and performances on stage.

Aqua-Jugemu Aqua-Jugemu-2 Aqua-Jugemu-3

The manufacturer emphasizes that judging the Jugemu solely based on its specifications would be a mistake. The goal was to defy the common notion that heavyweight models are difficult to maneuver and take time to gain momentum. Extensive efforts were made to create a feel that contradicts this perception. The weight distribution was meticulously designed to give the yo-yo a lighter sensation than its actual weight, enabling easy movement and instantaneous force. The optimal body material, which remains undisclosed, played a crucial role in achieving this goal and was reflected in the yo-yo’s design.

Additionally, the Jugemu features a body width of approximately 48mm, offering a visually secure experience to the user. Its actual weight of 66.8g ensures a delicate balance and stability, making it a reliable companion in tense situations such as stage performances or when mastering intricate techniques.

The name “JUGEMU” was chosen with the aspiration that this model will become a long-standing addition to the JAPAN TECHNOLOGY lineup and gain recognition among a wide range of yo-yo enthusiasts.


Also just a quick note that this yo-yo was used by two elite yo-yo players who were finalist recently at the Japan National YoYo Contest 2023! :100::fire:

Koyo Hashimoto - Placing 5th - 1A Finals

So Takase - Placing 12th - 1A Finals


This one seems soooo cool, would like to buy it but the price is a bit too high for a monometal, did someone tried it?


Yeah, same, I’ve had my eye on this one for a while but I’m waiting to hear some thoughts, apparently it’s using a different alloy? or at least they made a big deal about ‘not disclosing’ it.


I’d sure like it to be disclosed if I’m going to be paying for it.


I agree with you, I don’t have any yoyo with those specs and seems really cool, if it was on 50$ than probably I will take it without even think but I don’t find enough “special” motivation for something like that more than a “normal” cool monometal but happy if someone tried it and can give a nice review of it


May not have been able to resist the silver version.

Price doesn’t seem out of line for what it is (but my perception may be distorted).

I was confused, its only 66.8 thats not that heavy😂