Jugemu: Short review

So I actually realized that I actually got to try out the Jugemu at the PNWR thanks to the wonderful Bryan Figueroa! I know I have been hard on Japan Technologies in some of my posts and comments, but this yo is quite nice! Played far lighter than the 66.8 grams it touts. Had a smooth blasted texture for grinds.

I don’t have an Alphabetacular rating for this yo because I didn’t spend enough time with it and still don’t have one. However, I can say that it played nice and that I would buy one if looking for a heavier yo that plays lighter than it is. So if i were to give it a rating it would be a :slight_smile: because I had a good time with it for the 10 minutes I had with it.


Wish you tried for longer time, still on my wishlist but not sure if pull the trigger, this “undisclosed” material made me cringe a little bit as the yoyo is 80$ but the shape is nice and the players using it are very good so it show the possibilities, is an interesting yoyo for specs and shapes and wanted to have it in my collection but still I have to justify myself on this purchase.

Plenty of companies release 6061 monometals for around the same price. Even JT also retails the 6061 and 7075 variants of the Mirage for 80 dollars. Turning Point’s 6061 monos are 75-90 on average. Not every company needs to compete to have the lowest prices available. Almost every yoyo is bad value compared to how great 15-30 dollar metal yo-yos are now. If you want a cheap yoyo, there’s a plethora of options available.

I’d also be curious to know the material used, but realistically I don’t think it matters much. People will say a yoyo is more justified for having a higher price if it uses a 7075/7068 even though the production run cost for the company is basically the same as 6061, it’s just an easy marketing way to upcharge the consumer.


I agree with you on this but I am not blaming JT about the prices, I am blaming my pockets :joy:
It is not the first time I see monometals at those high price and usually I do not buy them (for example I sadly do not have any TP), every company can decide it’s own prices for sure than usually I weight what I can afford (but every now and then I like to treat myself)

I just really like this design seems something I do not have in my collection or even tried and I know is a very good company so I wanted to try something from them and this seems a very good yoyo (also looking at the videos posted by YYE in the topic) that is why I am trying to get more info as possible.


@Albertino it felt like 6061. Kinda had that same texture and feel as other 6061’s I’ve played. It certainly wasn’t 7075 because that stuff is actually hard enough for me to distinguish it as different than other aluminums

I have to be honest (I think I written it in different topic as well), idk the difference between metals and what can change in the yoyo behaviour, is something I never questioned myself so happy to be taught on this!

6061 is softer but is therefore more easy to shape. Also I think it anodizes more easily, hence why JT could make that fish-scale pattern on the Jugemu. 7068 is notably harder but is therefore more resistant to dinging (it obviously still can but it doesn’t tend to take as much damage) but retains the relative easy of coloring as 6061. At the hardest end of practical yoyo aluminum is 7075, which is kinda close to titanium in strength/weight. Not quite as strong, but still very very tough and hard to machine for aluminum. It also is harder to color, so most aluminum monometals use 7068 when they go with a material other than 6061 because it can be colored. A lot of yoyos in 7075 are raw I think because of this.


Thanks so much for the explanation I really appreciate it and now is much clear.
But in this case if (but you are not sure yourself) the material is the 6061, why undisclosed it?
If it is a marketing move it seems a bit dodgy


I think it’s because most yoyos, regardless of bimetal or monometal, have like a 2/3 chance of being made of 6061. It’s the choice of material frequently enough where when a yoyo just says aluminum most people will think 6061. It’s the default choice i guess is my point

Thanks for that, this clarify a lot, just for fun I am checking the aluminium specs on some of my yoyos and I noticed the Obsession by Mowl is made on 6061, I agree that it feels different on the hands and the duncan gtr-js as well (except the rims) idk if it’s the anodization that make it feel different or what.
Still this yoyo seems interesting, have you tried also the Mirage? I see in YYE there are both and was wondering which one is “”“”“better”“”“”"


I mean if it is going to be a monometal I prefer 7068 because it’s harder to ding than 6061 and less expensive than 7075 can be. Bimetals I somewhat prefer 6061 because I think that it’s a tad bit lighter than the other aluminum types so that helps push weight distribution towards the rims. I have tried the Mirage. It was honestly quite nice. Like the Jugemu though it was only for a few minutes so I can’t say too much about it.

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What the heck are you talking about? The engraving? Any yoyo material can be engraved, that doesn’t mean anything.

They released raw Jugemu, YYE just didn’t stock them.

Also it really doesn’t matter what material they used, the design of the yoyo matters more than what it’s made out of.

Im talking about the weird scale pattern on the conical part of the yo (around the center). Or flower petal pattern. I see fish scales.

It sounds like you’re talking about the engraving which has nothing to do with the material.

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This is the bottom line for me. Especially among AL alloys, the specific alloy has zero influence on my price expectation.

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You are correct. Although I thought that the type of metal does actually matter in applying these patterns. I know that the actual shape and weight of the yo are what impacts performance more than the material.

Nah, material doesn’t matter for engraving.

You’re right about the anodization part though, but in general I’d say “more difficult to anodize” in 2023 more just means that it’s harder for manufacturers to match specific pantones, or more minor ano flaws. Releasing raws during initial runs is just kind of a long running Japanese yoyo company trend.


See i just thought that since 6061 was soft it therefore made it easier to engrave is all. Meh, either way, at the end of the day all I know for sure is that the Jugemu felt like 6061. I could also be wrong, but it lacked the hardness that 7068 and 75 have. I only say this because my high-functioning autism makes me very sensitive to touch and textural differences, hence one of the reasons I love yoing- just holding a yo is kinda calming

I was under the impression texture is all from the anno finish?

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Yeah but 6061 feels more yielding than 7068 in the hand. At least in my opinion. I will fully admit that it’s subjective and again could be talking out my butt and completely wrong.

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