Ur Signature Trick?

Sup peoples! What’s ur signature trick? Give us a name and describe what it looks like if we were spectators.

Mine is called Death Trap.

The yoyo gets super trapped in the strings and it’s awesome!

Advanced Brain Twister Entrance

  1. DoN
  2. Drop Right Hand
  3. Roll Clockwise
  4. Pull the 2 closest strings to your right hand with your right hand
  5. Roll backwards
  6. Do Brain Twister
  7. Go into trapeze’s bro.
  8. Go into DoN and do Cold Fusion

My trick is A’s Entrance… it’s a combo


bubble gum rewind,
the yoyo swings around alot
1 trapeze
2 trapeze and his bro
3 one and a half mount
4 swing over to the left of the 1 and a half in a trapeze
5 double on trapeze
6undo the double on
7 swing the yoyo around like matrix
8 and get in a double or nothing like matrix
9double or nothing and his bro
10 then swing over and land in a quadruple or nothing

like double or nothing

Double or Nothing

double or nothing

mine is called apocalypse. It is not necessarily signature trick but it is my favorite trick that I have made up. It is a more complex combination of elements from kwijibo, mcbride rollercoaster, and cold fusion. It will prolly be in my yoyoexpert first round tournament vid. against ebinballer (sorry if I spelled it wrong). Im probably going to make a tut. for it soon.




Several tricks in each video are mine. I can’t name all of them, but there are several in there. Most of these tricks don’t use elements of other tricks, which is why I am proud of them.

If the yo-yo is trapped by strings, hwo do you dismount?

Well, this is my signature trick. It’s a trick i made up.  Learn it!

Hope you like my signature trick(or my trick lol)


Around the universe string theory…

at 1:10


Sorry, Its fake. Can’t be done.

Back To The Future tut under video section name: another tut.

You do know I was kidding right?

Yeah. I think I should’ve put a tongue expression there to signify I was going with the joke. Sorry

hey Samad just throwing it out their the guy asked for a sig. trick not videos of several you know

Mine is

Split bottom mount
two rolls
2 barrel rolls
yo over throwhand
yo back
throwhand under nonthrowhand
mondial position
1½ Pop ‘n’ fresh’s
red triangle
red triangle suicide

The tricks in those videos are my sig tricks.

My signature yoyo trick is “Yellow Airplanes” it looks like kamikaze 2. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

It’s just a sleeping yo-yo thrown into a trapeze like mount. They should’ve made the trick something more of a matrix instead.

P.S at the begining of that episode what yoyo did grant use?